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Below is information on programs supported by the LMWRRG.

If you would like more information on how to recycle specific items please refer to the Loddon Malle Waste App or contact us.

  • Battery Recycling

    The LMWRRG has so far collected over 5,600kg of used household batteries from across the region since 2014. The annual totals have increased year on year, and in 2017/2018 we collected 1,752 kg.

    The program has continued to expand over the past two years. Recently added collection points include Mount Alexander Timber and Hardware in Campbells Creek, The Enviro Shop in Newstead and The Townhouse in Lancefield.

    Battery Recycling Host Organisations

    Buloke Shire

    • Donald Community Centre, 70 Woods Street, Donald
    • East Wimmera Health Services, Aitken Avenue, Donald
    • Wycheproof Community Resource Centre, 280 Broadway, Wycheproof
    • East Wimmera Health Services, 19 Grandview Street, Wycheproof
    • East Wimmera Health Services, 26 Duncan Street, Birchip
    • East Wimmera Health Services, 52 North Western Road, St Arnuad
    • East Wimmera Health Services, 4 Learmonth Street, Charlton
    • Sea Lake Post Office, 55 Horace Street, Sea Lake

    Gannawarra Shire

    • Cohuna IGA, 49 King George Street, Cohuna
    • Cohuna District Hospital, 144-158 King George Street, Cohuna
    • Cohuna Retirement Village, 28 Augustine Street, Cohuna
    • Gannawarra Shire Council, 56 King Edward Street, Cohuna
    • Halls Hardware, 35 Scoresby Street, Kerang
    • Loddon Heating and Cooling, 78 Wellington Street, Kerang
    • Kerang CFA, 56 Fitzroy Street, Kerang
    • Kerang District Hospital, 35 Scoresby Street, Kerang
    • Kerang Transfer Station, Kerang-Murrabit Road, Kerang
    • Gannawarra Shire Council, 47 Victoria Street, Kerang
    • Quambatook General Store, 35 Guthrie Street, Quambatook

    Loddon Shire

    • Boort Resource and Information Centre, 119-121 Godfrey Street, Boort
    • Bridgewater-on-Loddon Post Office, 4 Main Street, Bridgewater
    • Inglewood CFA, Verdon Street, Inglewood
    • Inglewood IGA, 35 Guthrie Street, Inglewood
    • Pyramid Hill Neighbourhood House, 22 Keely Street, Pyramid Hill
    • Wedderburn CFA, 16 Chapel Street, Wedderburn
    • Wedderburn Hardware, 11 Kerr Street,Wedderburn

    Macedon Ranges Shire

    • Macedon Ranges Shire Council, 40 Robertson Street, Gisborne
    • Macedon Ranges Shire Council, Cnr High and Forest Street, Woodend
    • Macedon Ranges Shire Council, 129 Mollison Street, Kyneton
    • Riddells Creek Neighbourhood House, 59 Main Street, Riddells Creek
    • Romsey Community Hub, 96 Main Street, Romsey
    • The Townhouse, High Street, Lancefield

    Mildura Rural City Council

    • Mildura Rural City Council Deakin Avenue Service Centre, 76 Deakin Avenue, Mildura
    • Mildura Rural City Council Madden Avenue Service Centre, 108 Madden Avenue, Mildura
    • Mildura Rural City Council Ouyen Service Centre,79 Oke Street, Ouyen
    • Merbein Library, Main Avenue, Merbein
    • Red Cliffs Library, Jamieson Avenue, Red Cliffs

    Mount Alexander Shire

    • Mount Alexander Shire Council, 27 Lyttleton Street, Castlemaine
    • Mount Alexander Sustainability Group, 325 Barker Street, Castlemaine
    • Enviro Shop, 49 Lyons Street, Newstead
    • Mt Alexander Timber and Hardware, 125 Main Road, Campbells Creek
    • Legion Office Works, 89 Mostyn Street, Castlemaine

    Swan Hill Rural City Council

    • Lake Boga Newsagency, 5 Marraboor Street, Lake Boga
    • Nyah Post Office, 90 Murray Valley Highway, Nyah
    • Swan Hill Rural City Council Office, 45 Splatt Street, Swan Hill
    • Robinvale Resource Centre, 72 Herbert Street, Robinvale

    Murray River Shire

    • Murray River Shire Council, 15 Murray Street, Barham
    • Tooleybuc Post Office, 57 Murray Street, Tooleybuc
  • Blinky Bulb

    Blinky Bulb was created with the intention of tackling the 10,000 tonnes of mercury contaminated waste that goes into landfills across Australia every year.

    Though the program itself has now closed the group continues to establish light bulb recycling throughout the region where people can drop off bulbs that have come to the end of their working lives.

    Light bulb recycling points are listed below or visit your councils waste management pages to find a recycling point near you:

    • Birchip Landfill
    • Boort Newsagency
    • Charlton Foodwords
    • Charlton Landfill
    • Cohuna Transfer Station
    • Donald Landfill
    • Donald Learning Centre
    • Inglewood Health Services
    • Inglewood Landfill
    • Kerang Transfer Station
    • Pyramid Hill Landfill
    • Quambatook Store
    • Sea Lake Landfill
    • Swan Hill Landfill
    • Wycheproof Landfill
  • Camera Recycling

    LMWRRG supports Camera Recycle Australia to recycle old, broken or unwanted cameras. The group have supported businesses within the region to set up recycling points where people can bring their cameras and drop them off free of charge.

  • E-Waste

    Recycling e-waste is a growing priority for both the LMWRRG and the state and federal governments.

    If it’s got a plug, battery or cord and is unwanted, it’s e-waste.

    E-waste is full of valuable resources we can reuse, as well as some nasty materials that are bad for the environment. Rather than putting it in the bin and sending it to landfill, we should take it to a better place where we can remove the bad and save the good.

    To find out your nearest e-waste collection points download the Loddon Mallee Waste Info App or contact your local council.

  • Food Smart

    The ‘Let’s Get Food Smart Program‘ is part of LMWRRG’s Kerbside Pride program. Its aim is to educate residents about saving time, money and the environment by reducing the amount of food waste going to landfill.

    The program involves a series of workshops delivered to interested groups and informs them of more efficient ways of buying, storing, cooking and disposing of food so that less is thrown away.

  • Get it Sorted

    Get It Sorted focuses on educating the public about the correct way to use resource recovery centres and sorting your load to ensure you recycle as much as you can.

    Often transfer station will not charge for recyclable items to be dropped off and so, by sorting your load into recyclables and non-recyclable, facility patrons are able to save money as they don’t have to pay for the whole load to go to landfill.

  • Oil Filter Recycling

    Automotive oil filters were banned from landfills a number of years ago due to the environmental hazard of automotive oil; they are also fully recyclable.

    Oil filter crushers remove residual oil whilst crushing the metal filter casing. Both of these materials can then be sent off to a recycler to be turned into new products.

    Go to the waste management pages on your councils website to find out whether they are able to recycle oil filters.

  • Secure Your Load

    To reduce roadside litter, the LMWRRG and its member Councils are encouraging residents to always ‘Secure Your Load’ when visiting waste facilities.

    According to a survey conducted in the region, nearly one in every ten loads entering waste facilities in the region is not secured. Roadside litter from unsecured loads is a bigger problem than most people may realise. A Sustainability Victoria study showed that over 10,000 tonnes of litter is removed from Victorian roadsides every year at a cost of approximately $2.3 million annually.

  • Detox your Home

    Toxic household chemicals, such as solvents, poisons, cleaning products, fertilisers and car care products, can be safely disposed, at no cost, on “Detox you Home’ collection days throughout the Loddon Mallee region. Collected items are recycled for recovery and diverted from landfill.

    The ‘Detox your Home’ service is for household Chemicals only.

    Please refer to the Sustainability Victoria website to find out more.


  • The Big Green Shed

    The Big Green Shed at Swan Hill Landfill

    Sea Lake Road, Swan Hill

    Phone: 0409 113 181

    Recycled items for sale include:

    • Timber
    • Hardware
    • Toys
    • Kitchenware
    • Garden Equipment
    • Plus wide range of other items

    Opening Hours:

    Monday: 9:00am to 3:00pm

    Tuesday: CLOSED

    Wednesday: 9:00am to 3:00pm

    Thursday: 9:00am to 3:00pm

    Friday: 9:00am to 3:00pm

    Saturday: CLOSED

    Sunday: 10:00am to 2:00pm

    Not open public holidays

    Please visit the website to find out more.

  • Asbestos

    For more information on asbestos please refer to asbetos website at, contact a licensed asbestos collection company or your local council.