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The LMWWRG is responsible for facilitating a coordinated approach to the planning and delivery of infrastructure and services for all waste streams,  municipal solid waste (MSW), commercial and industrial waste (C&I) and construction and demolition waste (C&D).

Our key functions also include facilitating the procurement of waste and resource recovery infrastructure and services, to educate businesses and communities to reduce waste going to landfill and to integrate regional and local knowledge into State-wide waste strategies. To continue reading please visit the About Us page.


New Victorian Waste Act and Waste Authority

– a proposed model


The Victorian Government released Recycling Victoria: A new economy in February this year. The policy and action plan set out a sweeping set of reforms which will establish a resilient recycling system and transform how our economy uses materials, driving greater waste minimisation and resource recovery, while protecting the environment and abating greenhouse gas emissions. The policy can be found here: https://www.vic.gov.au/transforming-recycling-victoria

As part of the policy, the Victorian Government committed to developing a new waste and recycling Act and establishing a waste authority by the end of 2021. A new Act and authority will provide the Victorian Government with a system-wide view that will allow it to more effectively oversee the waste and recycling sector, including predicting and responding to future market shocks.

An Options Paper has been prepared and proposes a model for the waste Act and authority. The Victorian Government wants to hear from you on whether the waste authority’s proposed functions and powers will improve outcomes in the sector and within the broader community. The Options Paper includes specific questions to help guide your input.

Your views will ensure the final legislation represents the needs, priorities and ideas of key stakeholders and the broader community.

Stakeholder consultation

Two Q and A sessions were held in September during the consultation period and open to all interested stakeholders. These sessions were an opportunity for the Victorian Government to present an overview of the preferred waste Act and waste authority model and provide guidance on the consultation process.

These sessions offered a Q and A forum to address any questions or concerns on the options paper, the proposed model or the consultation process.


Have your say

Formal written submissions are being accepted and can be lodged via the Engage Vic website. Specific online surveys have also been developed for the three different stakeholder groups outlined below and can be found here.

  • Local government and alpine resorts
  • Waste and resource recovery industry
  • Community and other stakeholders

Before submitting a formalised submission or completing the relevant survey, please read the options paper via the link above to get an overview of why Victoria is changing how it governs and regulates waste and recycling services.


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