Big4 Riverside Swan Hill’s Environmental Comittment Recognised

Visitors to BIG4 Riverside Swan Hill can easily recycle their waste at the popular tourist park since the introduction of 46 recycling bins!

The park is operated by the O’Bryan family who took over ownership in 2011. In the months that followed the takeover, the O’Bryan’s set up recycling bins around the park to divert recyclable material from landfill.

In recognition of the parks commitment to sustainable waste management the Central Murray Regional Waste Management Group (CMRWMG) recently bronze certified the park in the ‘Kerbside Pride: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ program.

“Before the introduction of recycling bins an estimated 72 tonnes of both waste and recyclables were sent to landfill annually,” stated CMRWMG Executive Officer Ms Fazzani.

“Now, paper and cardboard, cans, bottles, plastic containers and glass are collected and sorted at the park for recycling. At best, this means a staggering 54 tonnes could potentially be diverted from landfill into the recycling stream annually,” she said.

“Educating visitors is an important part of the introduction of new systems, to encourage everyone to put the right items into rubbish and recycling bins,” explained CMRWMG, Regional Education Officer Shae Hellstedt.

Bin signage has been provided to help explain which items are recyclable and which items should be disposed of in the rubbish bin.