Dumped for a Newer Model

TVs all over the Central Murray region are living in fear of being dumped, whilst their replacements spend nights at home in front of their audience!

Upgrading your TV to a newer model is sometimes necessary, and always exciting; but what happens to your old one?

Unfortunately it is not unusual to see TVs or other ‘used’ items dumped at local roadside stops, bushland areas or elsewhere.

Rubbish dumping is illegal. Furthermore it looks unsightly, is environmentally damaging and uses up rate payers money unnecessarily as council is forced to clean up.

TVs contain toxic metals such as barium, phosphor, lead and hexavalent chromium which when dumped has the potential to leak into soil and groundwater.

Dumping items that could otherwise be recycled, such as TVs, is also a waste of natural resources.

All e-waste including TVs, computer monitors and just about any electrical item that can be plugged in and switched on, can be taken to your local landfill or transfer station for recycling.

Most items can be recycled free of charge, however there is a fee to recycle TVs, computer monitors and laptops due to the special handling involved.

For further information on fees and charges contact your local council.

And don’t forget – rubbish dumping is illegal and can be reported to the Environment Protection Agency on 1800 372 842.