Gannawarra Says: Junk Mail No More

Say goodbye to unwanted junk mail, and recycle it!

Unwanted junk mail delivered to post office boxes can now be recycled, thanks to the installation of recycling bins and surrounds outside of post offices across the Gannawarra Shire.

Installation of Council’s ‘Junk Mail No More’ project recycling bins and surrounds began in late 2011 at Cohuna, Leitchville, Quambatook, Lalbert, Lake Charm, Murrabit and Koondrook.

Funded by the Victorian Government, ‘Junk Mail No More’ builds on the success of previous public place recycling projects, to further increase the diversion of recyclables from landfill.

As well as junk mail, items such as aluminium cans, plastic bottles, newspapers and glass bottles can now be collected on the streets and recovered for recycling. Previously these items went straight to landfill.

Councillor Neville Goulding considers giving the community an alternative to throwing everything into a waste bin whilst out and about as critical to further promoting a culture of recycling.

“Recycling bins in public spaces are great for the community; who want to be able to recycle away from home”.

“The Junk Mail No More project brings us a step closer to ensuring recycling is a common practise,” remarked Cr Goulding.

It is hoped that contamination of recycling bins by food and other non-recyclables such as plastic bags, food wrappers, polystyrene cups and left over food, continues to be low.

If high levels of contamination is present in recycling bins their contents will unfortunately be sent to landfill.