It’s Clean Up Time Again!

It’s Clean Up time again, and the race is on to register your site for cleaning during Australia’s largest community based environmental event of the year – Clean Up Australia Day!

An estimated 94% of people identify litter as a major environmental issue, so it might come as a surprise to learn that every year Victorian councils spend an estimated $50 million dollars cleaning up litter, sweeping the streets, and emptying and servicing street bins and litter traps. Daily, dumped rubbish and roadside litter costs Victorian councils nearly $22,000!!

In 2011, more than 565,510 volunteers removed an estimated 16,464 tonnes of litter across Australia. Not only do Clean Up Australia volunteers tidy up our community spaces, they divert litter back into the recycling stream, save us money and protect our fragile environment, and native birds and animals, from the adverse effect of litter.

New South Wales’ Environmental Protection Agency identified five types of people with respect to litter; the Non-litterers, the Inconvenients, the Ignorants, the Willful Arrogants and the Anti-Establishments. Which one are you!?

To join in the Clean Up effort on March 4th 2012, visit to Join a site, or Register your own.