REO gathering Mildura102Australians are the second highest producers of waste per capita in the World! We produce a staggering 2.25 kg per person per day.

While our preferred option is to not have any waste at all we can all focus on reducing the amount of waste we produce at home, at work, at school and when we’re out and about.

Producing less waste is easy if you consume less waste!

Our top tips include:

  • Avoid buying items with disposable or non-recyclable packaging (e.g. polystyrene cups),
  • Buy in bulk – It’s often cheaper to buy items in bulk and they come without all that unnecessary packaging,
  • Be FoodWise. Understand the difference between “use by” and “best before” and put your freezer to work,
  • Say ‘no’ to plastic bags and always take your reusable bags with you.

Lets Get Food Smart‘ and ‘Plastic Bag Free Towns‘ are our two big ‘reduce’ campaigns. Follow the links to find out how to reduce the amount of food and plastic bag waste you create.