Plastic Bags

bag%20in%20treeAlmost everyone has a stockpile of reusable ‘green’ shopping bags – but the challenge still remains for many of us to remember them!

When you have finished with your green bags, put them back in the car or with your car keys so that you remember to take them on your next shopping trip.

If you forget your bags, try asking the supermarket for a cardboard box to put your groceries in. Then you can simply recycle the box when you get home!

But “what will I use as a bin liner?”

If you are recycling as much as you possibly can and composting your food waste you probably won’t have a huge amount of rubbish and ‘messy’ waste to throw out, and there are alternatives!

A few alternatives to using plastic shopping bags in our rubbish bins include:

  • Using plastic bread bags,
  • Fruit and vegetable bags (including large bags for potatoes, apples and oranges), and
  • Newspaper (wrap your scraps up and put them in the bin).

If you want to purchase bin liners but are concerned about the cost consider this – the smallest and cheapest bin liners available hold 3 times as much as single use plastic bags – therefore you don’t have to throw them out as often. The average cost of a bin liner is between 5 and 8 cents to purchase.

But why not try one of our suggested alternatives – they’re free!


Plastic Bag Free TownsPBF2logoweb

For a few years now a large number of towns in the Loddon Mallee region have been plastic bag free, saving over 5 million bags from being sent to landfill or becoming litter.

Shops may provide customers with paper bags (for a small fee) instead of plastic but residents of these towns have formed the habit of taking reusable ‘green’ shopping bags with them wherever they go and so most of the time shops don’t have to provide a bag at all.

The Loddon Mallee Plastic Bag Free Towns are:

Berriwillock, Beverford, Birchip, Boort, Boundary Bend, Bridgewater, Charlton, Cohuna, Culgoa, Dingee, Donald, Inglewood, Korong Vale, Lake Boga, Lalbert, Leitchville, Manangatang, Mitiamo, Newbridge, Nullawil, Nyah, Nyah West, Piangil, Pyramid Hill, Quambatook, Sea Lake, Serpentine, Tarnagulla, Ultima, Wedderburn, Woorinen South and Wycheproof.


Plastic Bag Recycling

Many supermarkets throughout the Loddon Mallee region provide plastic bag recycling bins. Customers can place any unwanted plastic shopping bags, as well as many other ‘soft plastics’ in the bins free of charge and they will be recycled and made into things like outdoor furniture, decking and traffic management products.

Have a look at the entrance to your local supermarket to see whether they provide a plastic bag recycling service.

Items that can be dropped off include:

  • Shopping bags including reusable ‘green’ bags
  • Fresh fruit and vegie bags
  • Bread bags
  • Biscuit packaging and confectionery packaging
  • Rice and pasta packets and frozen food bags