Bric-a-bracThere are loads of opportunities for us to reuse our waste. The next time you’re cleaning out your cupboards or the shed, make sure you put useful items aside and reuse them.

Some top reuse tips are:

  • Donate unwanted clothes, toys and books to your local charity shop,
  • Reuse your glass jars and plastic containers to store food or household items,
  • Set up a ‘useful’ box for your children and fill it up with items that can be reused for art and craft activities,
  • Take used magazines to doctors surgeries, or your local hairdresser, and
  • Furniture, bric-a-brac and household items can be dropped off at local Reuse Centres.

This year Project Officer Rachel McConille has challenged herself to only buy second hand clothes for 12 months. Follow her progress by reading her updates below.

A Year of Op Shopping

Have a look at our ‘Lets Get Food Smart‘ program to find great ways of reusing food so that you can save on shopping bills.