ResourceSmart Schools

ResourceSmart Schools in the Loddon Mallee Region

“ResourceSmart Schools is an award-winning Victorian Government program that assists schools to embed sustainability in everything they do, encourages real-life sustainability learning and helps schools save money.”

“ResourceSmart Schools can access support to help them understand and implement sustainability across their curriculum.”

Loddon Mallee Waste and Resource Recovery Group (LMWRRG) coordinates and facilitates the ResourceSmart Schools (RSS) program across the Loddon Mallee region, from Gisborne to Mildura, and from Maryborough to Kyabram.

The RSS program provides a series of actions across the school campus, curriculum and community, for students and school communities to reduce resource (energy, water) use and waste production (especially through recycling, reusing and repurposing), and to improve biodiversity.

Student sustainability action teams work with teachers to complete curriculum integrated projects to achieve specific school sustainability goals, develop leadership skills, and strengthen community partnership.

Teachers and school community members have access to regular workshops providing both professional development and opportunities for mentoring.

Why participate in the ResourceSmart Schools program?

“Through consultation with our school community we set clear sustainability actions that were then incorporated in our School Strategic Plan. We started with the easy goals of compost and paper. I believe our sustainable practice has had a postive impact on enrolments We are very proud of our stars with ResourceSmart Schools and are committed to the sustainable goals we have set for the future.”

  • Julie Holden, Principal, Chewton Primary School

Impact and success of ResourceSmart Schools in the Loddon Mallee

Savings were achieved by deliberately reducing consumption through completion of actions from the ResourceSmart Schools module checklists. Together, our schools have made simple changes that have achieved outstanding results.

Module No. of certified schools $ saved July 2013 to March 2018 Savings Other
Core 56
Energy 31 $1.069M 5368T of Greenhouse gases 1,071,423 kWh of energy generated
Water 10 $570,630 187,455kL of water
Waste 22 $351,502 13,057m3 waste diverted from landfill 19,864 reams of paper saved
Biodiversity 20 27,728 plants established

Leadership schools in the Loddon Mallee

As schools progress through the ResourceSmart program, they receive star certification. Schools who have achieved 5 Stars have demonstrated leadership both within their student community and broader community and have made links with other schools to continue conversations and actions for sustainability.

 3 Star Schools  4 Star Schools  5 Star Schools
Colbinabbin Primary School Winters Flat Primary School
Lockwood South Primary School Eppalock Primary School
Newham Primary School Chewton Primary School
St Marys School Castlemaine

Support we offer to registered ResourceSmart Schools

We work with our schools to facilitate their progress and success using the ResourceSmart Schools program. We do this by:

  • Site visits to schools and 1:1 support with teachers and Professional Development with all staff
  • Hosting Professional Development workshops with guest speakers each term
  • Email and telephone contact
  • Providing resources to schools including lesson plans, templates for audits and action plans, online links, news on upcoming grant opportunities, and contact details for sustainability educators from across the region
  • A newsletter with school stories, school projects, achievements and potential projects each term
  • Facilitating community partnerships and mentoring with other schools

Student Sustainability Summit

The inaugural LMWRRG RSS Student Sustainability Summit will be held at Chewton Primary School on Thursday, 24th May 2018.

Many schools across the Loddon Mallee region have been teaching environmental sustainability and implementing a range of sustainability actions for years. These schools now have an opportunity to tell their sustainability stories to other schools at the Student Sustainability Summit.

The students and staff in many of those schools have developed ways to make sustainability meaningful as well as fun, with the students often leading the way. Sharing their ideas with other schools will help everyone to learn more about sustainability and what it can look like.

Presentations will cover the three broad themes of campus, curriculum and community. MC Ian McBurney of Live Ecological (and previously of Vox Bandicoot fame) will make sure the day not only flows well, but is interactive and fun.

Students will have the opportunity to develop their own ideas after each presentation block, and take an action plan back to their school.

Registrations have now closed.