At Work


Would you like to reduce the cost of waste in your business, whilst reducing your carbon footprint? If so, check out our Kerbside Pride Business Program, why not download an Application Form today!

Tips on recycling at work:

  • Ensure that all recycling or compost bins are located right next to the waste bin. This way it is just as easy and convenient to recycle as it is to put waste in the bin.
  • Ensure that all bins are they are conveniently located, and that all bins are removed from desks. This will avoid the temptation to use a desk bin rather than recycling. Pulling your eyes away from the computer screen for a few moments can also be great for work productivity and health by stretching your back, increasing blood flow and keeping you alert (even if the bins are only a few metres further away).
  • All bins must be clearly labelled and all staff need to know what they can put in each bin. You might put up some posters as reminders.
  • Retailers may be able to reduce waste by encouraging the use of reusable or paper shopping bags, or by purchasing more sustainable products and packaging.
  • Offices can often save large amounts of paper and money by double-siding printing and photocopying among other things (and with paper costing $5-$10 per ream, the savings add up quickly!).

For more tips on how to reduce, reuse and recycle specifically in your business contact us using the online form.