Swan Hill Litter LaunchLitter is the most visible source of pollution and it can have significant impacts on the environment. Not only does it looks very untidy, it can take years to disappear. That is why it is important to do the right thing and use the bin!

The top 10 most common litter items are:

1. Cigarette butts

2. Glass bottles (alcohol and soft drink)

3. Plastic bottles/ PET drink bottles

4. Aluminium cans (alcohol and soft drink)

5. Plastic bags

6. Plastic chips and confectionary bags

7. Plastic bottle caps

8. Metal bottle caps

9. Small paper pieces

10. Metal foil confectionary wrappers

-Victorian Litter Action Alliance

So why do we litter?

There are a number of reasons as to why we litter, the three main reasons have been found to be that we are “too lazy,” we can’t find a bin and that we don’t have an ash tray. This litter is often left on roadsides and nature strips – thrown from cars or dropped by pedestrians.