Recycling at Events

WW Events Trailer 009The LMWRRG owns 2 events trailers which can be leant to community groups interested in ‘greening up’ their local event.

Each trailer contains waste and recycling bin caps to clearly mark your bins and one of the trailers also contains five 240 litre waste bins and five 240 litre recycling bins.

You can book the events trailer by contacting the LMWRRG via our contact us page.

You will be asked to complete a booking form and conditions of use form which must be submitted to the group at least 14 days before the event.


Wash Against Waste Trailer

The Wash Against Waste Trailer is powered by solar PV with solar hot water washing facilities that enables events to dramatically reduce the waste they produce. The trailer includes quality cutlery and crockery for up to 250 people which can then be washed, dried and reused during an event.

The trailer removes the need for disposable cutlery and crockery, reducing the cost to businesses at the event and saving potentially tonnes of waste from going to landfill.

It’s an ideal way to make your event more sustainable. For more information on the trailer and its hire contact Mount Alexander Sustainability Group at or on 03 5470 6978