March Into Harvesting!

The end of summer has arrived, and it’s time to march into harvesting the fruits of our labour from the vegie patch.

It can be difficult to keep up with the abundance of food produced at home – zucchinis keep coming and tomatoes continue to ripen, but to ensure that you get the most from your vegie patch, and waste as little as possible grab your family or friends and head to
the kitchen!

There are a plethora of recipes in books and on the internet covering everything from zucchini chocolate cake to green tomato and zucchini relish – you can pickle, dry, preserve, or freeze as well!

If it’s tomatoes you have a glut of try your hand at sauce, or relish. Don’t despair if you haven’t enough ripe tomatoes at one time, freeze them until you have the amount you
need, or why not give green tomato pickles a taste?

Beans can be prepared with their ends removed and popped into the freezer, while basil leaves removed from their stem, chopped and mixed with olive oil can be stored in the freezer for winter use.

So much to do! Pickle your cucumbers, and beetroot too, make a paste from your chillies, dry bunches of herbs, freeze excess corn cobs – and best of all, enjoy sharing your bounty with the people around you.

Happy harvesting!