Oil Filter Recycle

Next time you change your oil filter, dispose of it responsibly and recycle it for free at a collection site near you!

The Central Murray Regional Waste Management Group (CMRWMG) and its Member Councils have recently invested in a used oil filter crusher to enable Landfill and Transfer Station operators to separate residual oil from the metal filter casing and send both to recyclers to be turned into new products.

“A number of years ago used oil filters were prohibited from being disposed of to landfill for two reasons,” stated CMRWMG Chairperson Neville Goulding.

“One, the disposal of liquid waste, in this case automotive oil, to landfill is prohibited for environmental reasons, and two, the waste oil, metal filter casing and cardboard filter materials are all recyclable.”

“Prompted to find a solution to deal with the issue, and continue to divert recyclable materials, the Group has invested in this new initiative,” explained Mr Goulding.

The oil filter crusher will be available on a rotating roster at sites within each of the CMRWMG’s Member Councils, where domestic used oil filters dropped off by members of the public will be sent for recycling.

For more information on this initiative, search for Oil Filter Recycle under ‘Special Programs’.