At School

Below is information on programs run by the LMWRRG.

If you would like more information on a project either follow the link to the Kerbside Pride website or contact us.

  • Kerbside Pride Schools

    Kerbside Pride Schools is a program develiverd by the LMWRRG.

    The program is free of charge and helps students play an active role in reducing negative impacts on the environment.

    Participating schools receive educational presentations and activities, assistance in minimising waste and increasing recycling , weatherproof bin stickers to label waste and recycle bins, VISY paper recycling boxes for classrooms, a worm farm, and educational tools and resources.

  • ResourceSmart

    ResourceSmart Schools is a Victorian Government initiative that helps schools benefit from embedding sustainability in everything they do.

    LMWRRG is the lead agency for the Loddon Mallee ResourceSmart consortium and is currently working with over 60 schools across the region to help them complete the program and become a 5 star school.