At Work

Below is information on programs run by the LMWRRG.

If you would like more information on a project either follow the relevant links below or visit the or contact us page.

  • Kerbside Pride Businesses

    Sending waste to landfill is expensive yet few businesses have a recycling system in place.

    Businesses throughout the Loddon Mallee region are signing up to the Kerbside Pride Businesses program as a means of reducing their waste costs.

    The program provides support in conducting a waste assessment, creating an Action Plan and delivery of the plan.

    With the environmental practices of businesses becoming a priority to many consumers it is more important than ever to improve how businesses deal with the waste they produce.

  • drumMUSTER

    drumMUSTER is a national program that collects and recycles clean, empty farm chemical containers.

    Through ongoing successful collections farmers in the Loddon Mallee region have returned more than 2,000,000 drums to the 23 collection points established across the region since 1999.

  • Plasback

    The LMWRRG supports the silage wrap recycling initiative Plasback in partnership with its member Councils and Tapex.

    It is estimated that over 8,000 tonnes of fodder conservation plastics are used in Australia each year. Plasback features a specific liner system that ensures a clean and segregated waste stream. The liners are clear so that any foreign matter and contamination can be easily detected.

    By using separate liners, the recycling of silage wrap is able to occur in Australia instead of sending it to China to be processed.