The LMWRRG regularly runs media campaigns as part of it Kerbside Pride program.

TV and Radio

The LMWRRG regularly promotes its Kerbside Pride program through TV and radio campaigns that can be seen across the Loddon Mallee Region.

Follow the links below to watch our TV adverts.

Newspaper Columns

The LMWRRG regularly sends out press releases to local media as well as producing a fortnightly column that is published in 13 newspapers and community newsletters throughout the Loddon Mallee Region.

Below is a selection of some of our best and most informative newspaper columns from the last year.

The 12 Wastes of Christmas

Secure Your Load

Schools Tackle Waste

Public Place Recycling

Littering in the Loddon Mallee

Kerbside Pride

Has Your Bin Collection Been Missed?


Detox Your Home

Be Proud to Recycle

A Year of Op Shopping