Rubbish Bin Swallows Money

Australian’s waste $5.2 billion on uneaten food yearly, on average that’s $616 a household!

Our kerbside rubbish bins contain approximately 35% food and green waste which
includes fruit and vegetable scraps, leftovers, lawn clippings and garden
prunings.- did you know that in Victoria alone we produce enough green waste to
fill the MCG around 5 times every year!?

When we waste food, we are wasting masses of water – unbelievably, around 500 litres
of water is used to produce a kilogram of potatoes – energy and natural
resources that were used to grow, package, transport, market and store the
product, and when we send food and green waste to landfill we are seriously
contributing to harmful greenhouse gas emissions such as methane.

Next time you’re at the supermarket consider the resources required just to get the
items to your shopping trolley!! And if you would like to reduce your food
waste consider the following tips:
• Shop wisely by using a list and avoiding impulse buying,
• Store left overs in resealable containers and refrigerate, and
• Use your freezer to store food you won’t get around to eating.

However, sometimes food and green waste is unavoidable so why not get composting, become a worm farmer or keep chickens? Any one of these options allows you to recycle your food and green waste at home, where it can be reused in the garden.

For more information on how to reduce food waste and recycle garden waste check out