Take Pride in Kerbside Recycling!

As part of an ongoing effort to decrease waste to landfill, the Central Murray Regional Waste Management Group has partnered with the City of Greater Bendigo to deliver Take Pride in Kerbside Recycling!

The campaign aims to get recycling out of the rubbish bin and increase confidence in the recycling system.

The City of Greater Bendigo Manager Sustainable Environment Robyn Major, said the campaign will increase resident’s awareness of the recycling process and its importance.

“Landfills have a limited lifespan, and recycling offers a sustainable waste management alternative.

“The City of Greater Bendigo encourages everyone to recycle as much as possible to lessen the amount of waste sent to landfill and the impact on the environment,” stated Ms Major.

CMRWMG Executive Officer Karen Fazzani hopes the campaign alters recycling perceptions.

“Social research undertaken by the Victorian Government found that almost half of those surveyed were not always confident that what they put out for recycling was actually recycled.

“We hope to alter that perception by explaining what happens to our recyclables after being collected at the kerbside,” stated Ms Fazzani.

Materials collected for recycling from the kerbside are taken to a Materials Recovery Facility, or MRF, for sorting, baling and sending to recyclers for reprocessing.